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About the Company

Arkon Consulting is a fast-growth company seeing its main objective in the complex legal support of the activity of commercial enterprises, as well as in rendering services and consulting in such areas as human migration, Russian legislation, international law.

We set ourselves the following goals — to be a reliable guide for foreign companies in Russia, not only to consult them on many subjects related to their activity carried out in this country but also to render actual assistance to them in a wide variety of areas.

Arkon Consulting Company employs the true professionals — lawyers specializing in the commercial and migration legislation, experts in different areas. Our work principles are professional competence, accountability, good conscience, can-do attitude. We do not subdivide the customers into large and small. We do not recede from our principles when working with any customer whatever it is a large construction company or a small trading company. We never promise what we can not accomplish. We help our customers in solving their problems only in accordance with the law. Our customers like our approach to business making collaboration with us mutually beneficial and long-term.

Arkon Consulting Company is a member of Russia and Moscow Chambers of Commerce and Industry (the certificate and membership card).

Do not hesitate to contact us, you will not have any problems with the law and you will receive high quality services and we will be glad to see you among our permanent customers!


Contact data:


Address: 20, office 424, Kosmonavta Volkova street, Moscow

(Voykovskaya metro station, the station of the Moscow central diameter “Krasny Baltiets”)



+7 (916) 635 91 65

+7 499 550 32 50




E-mail: info@arkonconsult.ru