RF Citizenship

Passprt of RF CitizenForeign citizens and people destitute of nationality, who have attained the age of eighteen years and who are legally capable, shall have the right to request conferment of the RF citizenship.

Prior to acquisition of the RF citizenship, a foreign citizen shall pass the procedures of obtaining of a permit for temporary residence and a permanent resident card with obligatory compliance with the residence conditions in accordance with the permanent resident card within five years (from the day of obtaining of the permanent resident card and to the day of requesting conferment of the citizenship of the Russian Federation).

Requests on the RF citizenship issues shall be submitted at the place of the applicant’s residence:

а) by a person residing in RF – to the FMS territorial body;

  1. b) by a person residing beyond the RF boundaries and having no place of residence in the RF territory – to the RF diplomatic representation or consular institution situated beyond the RF boundaries.

The request shall be submitted by the applicant personally.

While conferring the RF citizenship, in accordance with the Federal Law “On citizenship of the Russian Federation”, definite categories of foreign citizens and people destitute of nationality shall enjoy advantages. For such categories of foreign citizens, a simplified procedure of conferment of the RF citizenship is established.

The list of documents to be submitted to the FMS territorial body along with the request of conferment of the citizenship shall be determined by an FMS employee depending on the set of the documents submitted by the applicant at the initial consultation and on the grounds of the acquisition of the RF citizenship.