Ordinary Working Visa

Ordinary Working VisaThe ordinary working visa can be obtained on the basis of a working invitation for foreign citizens working at Russian companies by virtue of the permits to engage foreign labour. A Russian company, after it has had a work permit for a definite foreign specialist formalized, shall submit documents for formalization for him of a working invitation, the validity term of which may not exceed 90 days. After the foreign citizen entered the RF, his entry working visa shall be extended for a term to expiration of the validity term of the working permit (but not exceeding 1 year).

The term for obtaining of the working (three-month or one-year) visa shall amount to 14 – 17 business days.

The working visa enables an unrestricted number of entries into RF and grants the right to stay in Russia without any restrictions regarding the number of the days of the stay.

As the purpose of entry into RF, as a rule, hired labour shall be mentioned in the working visa.

It’s only the employer of the foreign employee can apply to UFMS with a petition to issue an invitation for obtaining of the working visa, that is, a Russian organization posted to the accounts with UFMS (or which is passing the procedure of posting to the accounts), which has obtained the permit to engage and use foreign employees, and a work permit for the related foreign employee.

To have an invitation for the working visa formalized, the foreign citizen shall submit to the organization, at which he is planning to work, a copy of the foreign passport (the pages with the personal data, validity term of the passport, as well as the pages with the previously obtained Russian visas if any).